Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT)?
The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) is a team of health professionals, such as doctors, nurses or social workers who provide information, advice and assistance to older people who are having difficulty living at home.
2. What are the requirements to be eligible for Residential Aged Care?
Before entry into either a low level care (hostel) or high level care (nursing home) residential facility an ACAT assessment must be undertaken to approve both your eligibility and what level of care you require.
3. What Levels of Care are available?
Both Low and High levels of care provide accommodation, personal care/hygiene, and management of medication, dressing, mobility, recreational activities and emotional support.

- Low Care (units) has access to some nursing care.
- High Care (nursing home) provides 24 hour nursing care.

Some homes specialise in low level care, some specialise in high level care and others provide both levels of care.

4. What is Residential Respite Care?
This provides short term care when you need it and if you intend to return to the community. It can be used on a planned or emergency basis to help with you or your carer's, illness, holidays or absence for any reason.

You apply for respite care exactly the same way as for permanent residential care. You must be assessed as eligible by the ACAT team.

This type of care may be just the break you, your carer, your family or your friends need.